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Professional Stump Removal

Removing a sizable tree is an intricate process not many homeowners understand. It requires careful planning in terms of safety and limiting the damage to surrounding property. Besides, the process of tree removal isn’t complete until a stump is removed. We’re a reputable tree and stump removal service with over 10 years experience in the Tyler Area. If you are considering removing your stumps but you haven’t made up your mind consider the reasons below.

Tree Removal Tyler

Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps

Appearance. Stumps decrease the aesthetic appeal of your property. While you may choose to go the DIY route in an attempt to increase the appeal of your home, removing the stumps requires skills and equipment you may not have at home. You likely waste precious hours and energy on a task you’re ill-equipped to accomplish. Let our certified stump removal experts help you.

Personal safety. You risk tripping over and getting injured if you have stumps in your landscape. The risk of potential injury also extends to your loved ones and visitors.

Flexibility. Stumps can limit the use of your yard, removing them gives you full access to your landscape.

Preventing insect infestation or growth around/on the stump. Stumps not only attract pests but also undesirable vegetation, which can grow around stumps making your landscape appear unkempt.

Our Tree Removal Tyler Process

Majority of stump removal techniques such as hand digging, chemical treatment and burning are cumbersome, tedious, unsafe and time-intensive. The most effective way of getting rid of stumps involves the use of a stump grinding machine.

Admittedly, not many homeowners own a stump grinding machine or know how to use it and that’s where we come in. Our team uses a high-quality stump grinder that removes stumps in a few hours. Stumps can dull the appearance of your landscape, let us assist you to make your home attractive again.

Tree Removal Tyler
Tree Removal Tyler